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Founded in 2006 by Italian artist Simone Legno the Japanese lifestyle brand: TokiDoki (translated to ‘sometimes’) was brought to life and has since been a huge hit with fans of all things Anime and Japanese popular culture! The brand prides itself on creating unique and kawaii fashion, footwear and accessories embellished with the brands signature logo, art and their very own quirky cartoon designs which are now widely recognisable.

TokiDoki meets Pop!

With the characters becoming so widely known within the community Funko have given fans of the brand a moment they’ve been waiting for and as part of the Funko Fair 2021 the cutsey cartoons will receive a pop-ified makeover. Shop TokiDoki Funko Pop Vinyls and Funko Pop Keychains of Donutella, Mozzarella, SANDy and Stellina with Pop in a Box today!